Gaining Insight Into The Various Nooks And Corners Of Temporary Fences

Before we start talking about temporary fence, let us first consider a few commonly undertaken human activities – Public safety, public security, crowd control, material storage, theft prevention and construction sites. All of them have one thing in common – they all need well defined boundaries to demarcate them from the rest of their surroundings hirein.

This ensures that the tasks are done with minimum amount of disturbances caused by elements or people unaware of the presence of such activities. However, not always do they need permanent boundaries and it is then that the need for such an artificial fence arises. This is an alternative to permanent boundaries, required when the aforesaid activities are undertaken only on a part-time basis. So, let us look at some of the uses of temporary fence.

At social gatherings

At large events like social gatherings, often there arises the need to divide various venues for the purpose of simplifying the task of crowd management. It is here that such a fence comes into use – it does the job of managing the crowd effectively and is then free to be dismantled after the events. There could be partitions at places where first tickets are purchased, then the entry points, then the points of various events etc.

Industrial construction sites

Industrial construction sites often require restricting the movement of public into the restricted areas. For this, the fence is used to delineate the construction site from the rest of the surroundings. In this context, it is also referred to as a construction hoarding. The importance of such a fence in construction sites can be gauged from the fact that often the safety of people, unknowingly wandering into the restricted spaces, is at stake. A permanent boundary can also serve the purpose but it may create problems in the landscape later on.

Other uses of short term fencing

This also finds use in parking lots and disaster management relief sites where the crowd pressure often surpasses manageable limits. Parking lots especially, require these short term fences more than the relief sites mainly because of the large volume of vehicles that they have to cater to on a regular basis. In the absence of a well-defined, yet temporary, demarcations the job of parking and managing the parked cars can become ugly. There could be damages to parked cars or fights between customers and all this would only result in a waste of time for most of the organizers. To avoid such extremities, temporary fences are used.

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