Psychologic Therapies And How They Can Help You

Before deciding to visit a psychologist for help, you first need to know the different types of therapies they’re utilizing. You might find therapies which are more appropriate for you than the others. Psychological therapies mainly have 3 categories: 1. Behavioral therapies, 2. Humanistic therapies, and 3. Psychoanalytic and psychodynamic therapies. I have here listed the summary of various psychological therapies and how they could provide assistance to you

Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies

This concentrates more on your thinking or behavioral processes, this therapy places emphasis on the fact that there’s a possibility to change your behavior and your thinking process so as to help you overcome a specific problem.

Behavioral- This primarily focuses on the issues of phobia and addiction. This therapy assumes that behaviors can be learned or unlearned

Cognitive- This therapy deals with thoughts and perceptions and how it affects our behavior. This approach assumes that if you reassess negative thoughts so that you can become more flexible and learn to think more positively.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy- the name speaks for itself, CBT is the combination of cognitive and behavioral therapies. This approach is useful in dealing with the issues of phobia, depression and anxiety.

Psychoanalytical and Psychodynamic Therapies

These primarily focus on a person’s unconsciousness, which were believed to develop way back in their childhood days and how those emotions have an influence on their present situation.

Psychoanalysis- This was founded by Sigmund Freud. This focuses on the individual’s unconsciousness that was believed to have developed during their childhood. Through dreams and fantasies of the clients, they have the ability to interpret how these masked emotions affect their behavior in the present situations.

Psychoanalytic Therapy- Also focuses about an individual’s unconsciousness, but the approach is less intensive than the mentioned above.

Psychodynamic Therapy- Came from psychoanalytic the difference is that it deals only with the immediate needs of the client and how to solve them as soon as possible.

Humanistic Therapies

This therapy concentrates more on self development, growth and the responsibilities of the individuals.

Gestalt Therapy- This concentrates on the individual as a whole. It even deals with the person’s thoughts and emotions and the current experiences. This therapy emphasizes and promotes self-awareness of the client.

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